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FlashPeak Slimjet 27.0

An internet browser with a built-in ad-blocker
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Browse the Internet via the special browser with advanced ad-blocking features available by default. The product requires no plug-ins or third-party extensions and automatically prevents pop-ups, audio and visual messages, unwarranted window openings, etc.

FlashPeak Slimjet is a powerful web browser based on the well-known Chromium engine. Therefore it resembles the popular Google Chrome browser quite considerably and it offers the same benefits that made this browser so famous, but it also comes with its own set of improvements and additional features. For example, it blocks all ads by default, without requiring you to perform additional tweaks and configurations. Furthermore, unlike Google Chrome, FlashPeak Slimjet won't track you and send data about your browsing habits to any third-party business. In other words, it doesn't only respect your privacy, but it also protects your privacy using anti-tracking technologies. Besides the privacy protection features, this cool browser also offers protection against phishing and malware, making it one of the most secure browsers that one could possibly find at the moment.

FlashPeak Slimjet is also lightning fast, and that's quite a big deal when it comes to browsers. It's also quite feature-rich and packed with numerous handy options and additional functions, including the support for plugins and extensions.

As you can see, all the qualities that a browser should have are also available within FlashPeak Slimjet: speed, security, privacy protection, high customization possibilities and a large number of handy additional features.

In conclusion, if you want to replace Google Chrome with a browser that might suit your needs and requirements better, but that also doesn't force you into giving up on the familiarity and the benefits that Chrome offers, then Slimjet is a great option.

Margie Smeer
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  • Enhanced privacy protection that includes anti-tracking capabilities
  • Both fast and secure
  • Supports Chrome extensions


  • Can't think of any disadvantages
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